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On the Right Track...

Acknowledging your struggle is the first step towards recovery. A gambling problem will only get worse when left untreated, and that's where I come in.

​My mission is to guide individuals towards a brighter future. On your journey, I am here to support you every step of the way. As an experienced Gambling Recovery Transformational Therapist and Coach, I know that each person’s journey is unique. With my lived experience, I approach gambling problems with empathy and understanding and I provide a safe space for you to rapidly transform your life.

This is a worldwide, virtual or in-person service

Embarking on the path to recovery takes courage, and you’ve already shown that by seeking help. You’re on your way to a new beginning and rebuilding a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Ready for the change? I am here to help you every step of the way.


My name is Lorraine and I have lived experience, having previously been with someone with this silent addiction.  Often referred to as a way to escape from reality, and life's pressures - the impact on the gambler and their loved ones can be  deeply distressing as they find it so difficult to stop. My unique Transformational Therapy and Coaching Programme has achieved worldwide success in helping people get to the root cause and achieve phenomenal life changing results.​  

Meet your Therapist

Daniel, Ireland

I met with Lorraine for therapy and that decision truly changed my life. My initial scepticism was met with informed education and understanding and I was immediately at ease with Lorraine.
It's now almost 2 years later and my entire relationship with both spending and gambling is completely transformed. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of this type of therapy and would recommend Lorraine to anyone who is serious about making positive and long-lasting change in their life.

Steve, Dorset

I feel the whole experience has greatly helped me with the gambling problem I needed to overcome. I am feeling very good and a lot more positive about life and haven’t gambled since. Highly recommended. 

Lorna Ray, Italy

I can tell you that you had me crying with joy, with happiness, with love and with security. Lorraine -  you've done my heart good and you've done yourself proud. 

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